Almost everyone has heard Amazon is building a new facility in Stead, Sun Valley area and moving their Fernley operation to the new facility.  Rumor has it Coke owns this building and may just want to occupy it themselves.  Only time will tell on this one.  Fernleyites are already looking to sell their houses and move closer to their jobs.  So we should see an influx of homes going on the market and it couldn't be better timing.  A lot of the Home Owners that did Short Sales are just broaching their 2 year period and can start to buy again. Of course if you walked away, just to walk away, YOU WOULDN'T QUALIFY. You would have to wait the 4 year period recently stiuplated by Government.  However, if you were forced to walk away due to unforseen circumstances, then maybe you can qualify to buy.  If you lost your job, had an illness or death or a particular event that caused you to lose your home.  Well then, LET'S GO BUY A HOUSE. You can be a home owner once again.

Think about it, PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP. Doing what you want to your own home and most of all, getting that tax break each year for interest paid, NOT RENT going down the drain.  Call us to see if you qualify to buy again.  We would love to help you.

Broker, NVS Real Estate Place

Patty Hardrick, Fernley resident 30 years